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Horse Care Mechanics: Why They’re Often Horrible and How To Get Them Right

Most horse-focused games feature brushing your horse and picking its hooves, feeding or combing mane and tail. Unfortunately, many of these horse care minigames quickly grow tedious or even frustrating: let’s take a look at why that is, what developers could do differently, and whether or not horse care mechanics are even necessary to begin with. 

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“It’s a dream come true” — Nika Bender talks about her work on Star Stable Online

Star Stable Online is a massively multiplayer online role playing game or MMORPG that has been out for almost 8 years. Despite the often underestimated target audience of teenage female PC players, the game is a huge success and continues to grow and improve. 

The Mane Quest spoke to SSO Product Owner Nika Bender about the work she and her team do behind the scenes of what is probably the most successful horse game of all time. 

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“I joined Tivola because I wanted to make horse games” — Studio Visit and Interview with Inga Panten

Tivola has been making and publishing games since 1995. While their portfolio has always been family-friendly, they have recently put more focus on horse-themed games in particular.

I was introduced to Product Manager Inga Panten last Summer, and after exchanging a few emails commiserating on the lack of really good horse games, she eventually invited me to visit Tivola’s offices in Hamburg for a day to get a look behind the scenes.

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The Most Popular Unity Asset for Horse Animation has a Fatal Flaw, but it’s Getting an Update

The Unity Asset Store offers everything from code toolsets, over individually animated character models to complete game projects. The quality of these assets varies drastically, with many being created by hobbyists.

In the case of one particular Horse Animset Pro however, the assets popularity has lead to several games having the same problem: the walk animation is completely wrong.

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“Horses are already magical, they don’t need fairy dust!” — Interview with the team of Equestrian: a Horse Game for Adults

Many horse games set the wrong priorities and get the most basic things wrong about horses. By stark contrast, watching the social media updates of Equestrian The Game has been an absolute delight. The Mane Quest reached out to developer Kavalri Games and found a kindred spirit in the team’s Vice President and Co-Founder Molly Ericson.

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