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The Mane Quest is intended to bring together horse-interested gamers and game-interested equestrians. Horses in video games may be something of a niche interest, but it happens to be my niche, the overlap of my beloved hobbies and my job. And the more I talk about this subject, the more I realize I’m not alone in my interest in it.

I am convinced that the horse game market is underserved, that a lot of interested people are out there waiting for genuinely good video games that treat horse riding, caring or breeding with at least some of the complexity it deserves. The Mane Quest is intended to help these people find out what games exist and which are worth playing for which reasons.

About The Author


Unless otherwise noted, all content on The Mane Quest has been written by Alice Ruppert.

I am a game designer based in Zurich, Switzerland.
If you’d like to know more about me and my projects, visit aliceruppert.ch.

To see the horses I ride, visit reitstallobermeilen.ch.

For more regular updates, follow me on Twitter at @MaliceDaFirenze.


I am far from an expert on horses. I’ve been going to weekly horse riding lessons for most of my life, but I have never owned a horse, nor has my education been in any way horse related. In writing The Mane Quest, I’m spending more time with horse-related research and I am thrilled to expand on my equine knowledge.