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Because I want to and because several people have shown an interest.

Why ‘The Mane Quest’?

The mane is the long hair on a horse’s head and neck. A main quest is what you call a central task or mission in a role playing game.

My favorite alternative names for this site were “The Stable Release”, “Ponygon” and “The Buggy Bronco”.

Why haven’t you played/written about [insert game]?

Either I haven’t heard of it, or I simply haven’t had the time for it. If you’d like to hear my opinion about the horses in a specific video game, feel free to send suggestions to

So you’re an expert on horses, right?

Absolutely not. Compared to most equestrians, I’m hardly qualified to teach other people about horses. But since no dedicated websites/blogs for horses in video games exist (that I’m aware of), I am the best you got. I do what I can in terms of research, and I very much encourage fellow equestrians to bring inaccuracies to my attention.