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Horse Isle 3: Infinite Wilds has left its Beta Phase and is Officially Live now!

Horse Isle 3: Infinite Wilds has officially gone live on August 25th, after several months of open beta testing.

Unlike its predecessors, Horse Isle 3 is fully 3D, with the exact looks of horses being determined by their stats and genetics. “No two horses look or behave alike!” claims the game’s website.

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The Best Horse Games to Play in 2019 on PC & Consoles

Hundreds of people search for terms like “best horse games 2019” and “horse games pc”. I dearly wish I could give these people any wholehearted recommendation where I can call something a genuinely good horse games without caveats about its quality. While I still consider the entire genre in dire need of some innovation and respectable implementation, here is an overview of what is available on each platform: 

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