Horse Isle 3: Infinite Wilds has left its Beta Phase and is Officially Live now!


Horse Isle 3: Infinite Wilds has officially gone live on August 25th, after several months of open beta testing.

The Open World MMO is the sequel to 2007’s Horse Isle: Secret Land of Horses and 2010’s Horse Isle II: Legend of the Esrohs, games which I had never heard of until a few months ago, but which are much beloved by many in the horse game community.

Unlike its predecessors, Horse Isle 3 is fully 3D, with the exact looks of horses being determined by their stats and genetics. “No two horses look or behave alike!” claims the game’s website.

Beyond such promises, the game’s official page is notably low in details and does not contain a feature list. The Help Center, which is essentially the game’s manual, is only accessible once you have an account and contains short individual instructions for a variety of categorized subjects rather than providing an easily legible overview of what you can do in the game. The printable “full manual” can be viewed without an account via this link.

From community members who play, I gather that one can explore the world to acquire and trade horses, but since I’ve not had the time to play time game myself, you’ll have to try it for yourself if you want to know more.

The HI3 team, consisting of seven core members, intends to keep the game world family friendly and safe, as can be gathered from the behavioural rules on the game’s website. The game is playable for free, but you can use premium currency to buy specific horse breeds that you don’t want to go look for in the massive, procedurally generated world.

If you’re looking for some nice people to start playing HI3 with or to help you get started, you can find a dedicated channel on the TMQ Discord server. Stay tuned for a review!