Horses in Clive'N'Wrench — With Rob Wass


Clive’N’Wrench is a 3D action platformer inspired by classic genre hits such as Banjo-Kazooie, Jak & Dexter and Spyro. Developed single-handedly by English game developer Rob Wass, Clive’N’Wrench has been in development for quite some time.

Horses in Clive‘N’Wrench are not essential to the gameplay, but since the game is about time travel to the past, they make regular appearances in most levels of the game. “The Game could function without them, but it’d certainly require quite a lot of strange changes!”, says Rob.

Horse Idle Animations in Clive’N’Wrench

Horse Idle Animations in Clive’N’Wrench

In accordance with the game’s cartoony, retro-inspired art style, some of the horses’ animations are consciously exaggerated. That was not really an option for some movements though, according to Rob, who modelled, textured and animated all of the game’s equine content: “Actions like walking and galloping are far more realistic, simply because they are much more complex sets of movement and therefore more easily spotted as ’wrong’.”

In order to avoid such reactions, Rob looked at a lot of video footage for research. “I also did some anatomical study to make sure, despite a more cartoony approach to proportion, that I would be able to animate them somewhat believably. I wouldn’t necessarily say ’realism’ is the goal, but believability certainly is!”

Horse Statues in an in-game museum

Horse Statues in an in-game museum

As for how the player’s options to interact with the horses, Rob admits that “they are mostly ‘set dressing‘ in form of either animated creatures or decorative statues. In one level they even act as a stage hazard as they barrel around the streets of London with a runaway carriage!”

But with the game still being far from finished, Rob says expanding the scope of equine interactions is still very much a possibility.

Clive’N’Wrench is announced for PC, Mac and Linux. A release date has not yet been set. The game has an active Patreon page where interested players can get access to Alpha builds.

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