Twitter is falling in love with a Red Dead Online Horse named Hayseed

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Esports and Gaming writer Cass Marshall has written a wonderful story for gaming news website Polygon about her mount in Red Dead Online.

Where other players prefer horses with impressive speed or acceleration stats, her horse Hayseed is a big, slow Belgian Draft — one of several heavy horse breeds in the game. Marshall hilariously describes her friends’ frustration with Hayseed’s bulk and her own tendency to use the unkillable horse as a brick wall to hide behind or as a battering ram.

In races, I often score top three by using Hayseed as a physical barrier. Nimble steeds with slender frames smash into Hayseed as I continue on at my relaxed pace. When players are forced into choke points and all of the horses are jostling, Hayseed is the shore upon which the weak, cowardly waves break. One time, a guy openly scoffed in voice chat: “Who brings a Belgian into a race?” I do. I knocked that guy over a fence with Hayseed’s mighty haunches.

In the article’s comments and on Twitter, people are reacting with statements like “I would die for Hayseed” and otherwise declaring their love and admiration for the big boy.

It is all very nice and wholesome and I am just happy that people are talking about game horses.

Read Marshall’s full piece here, it’s worth it.

Red Dead Online was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 27 2018, as the multiplayer component of Red Dead Redemption 2.