The Unicorn Princess: An Open World Fantasy Horse Game Coming to PC and Consoles This November


German developer Caipirinha Games has a new horse game in store in time for this year’s Winter Holidays:

The Unicorn Princess is an open world horse game with a fantasy twist: “Befriend Unica the unicorn while exploring the real world and the world of dreams,” says the promotional material. While the box art and header above are held in a painterly fantasy style, the game’s ingame screenshots go for a less stylized look.


The game is available for pre-order on Amazon for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and has a Steam page with a bit more info.

Caipirinha Games has been in the business of making horse games ever since the genre boomed in the early 00s, developing titles known in the German speaking market as Die Ponyrancher and Der Pferderennstall, among others. Most recently, the company released a game called My Little Riding Champion on PC and consoles.

On Steam, My Little Riding Champion doesn’t have many reviews, but from what I’ve gathered, games of this genre and calibre tend to make their profits in the retail market rather than via digital distribution.

From trailers and screenshots of The Unicorn Princess uses the Horse Animset Pro asset from the unity store, just like its predecessor. Although the Animset has been updated with new animations recently, the promotional material for The Unicorn Princess still features the faulty walk animation from the old version, as further elaborated upon here. Whether or not the animation may still be updated in time for the release remains to be seen.

The Mane Quest has reached out to Caipirinha Games for further information on the game. What do you think of the trailer and screenshots? Let us know the comments!

The Unicorn Princess will be released on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in November 2019.

Many thanks to TMQ Community member Teager for bringing the game to my attention!