My Time At Portia leaves Steam Early Access

Farming and Crafting simulation My Time at Portia is now out on Steam after roughly a year in Early Access.

I played and loved the Demo version back in Fall 2017, when the game was on Kickstarter. You play as a young man or woman who has inherited their grandpa’s wood workshop. Your tasks in the game are mining for materials and taking woodworking commissions from villagers, with a bit of exploration and relationship development on the side - and the game sports a wonderfully goofy and creative fauna.

At the time, My Time At Portia did not have any horses yet, but they have been added with the Livestock update in 2018.

As a Kickstarter Backer, I have the game in my Steam library, but have been waiting for the full release to take the time to play and review it.

If you’re a fan of chill, friendly and colorful farming games with a focus on building your own business and nurturing relationships, I can only recommend you try My Time at Portia for yourself. The game currently has 92% positive reviews on Steam. I hope to be able to write a proper TMQ review for it soon.

Watch the trailer below to get an impression.

My Time At Portia was released on Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store on January 15 2019 after a year in Early Access. Versions for Switch, PS4 and Xbox One have been announced for Spring 2019.