Farming Simulator 19 — Gamescom Trailer Reveals Horses

Floppy ears.

Floppy ears.

A trailer for Farming Simulator 19 first shown at Gamescom 2018 reveals that the newest installment in Giants Software’s popular series will feature horses for the first time.

The publisher’s website promises “tend to your livestock including pigs, cows, sheep, chicken, and for the first time horses” as a key feature, but does not yet reveal any details about what the mechanics of caring for your equine livestock will look like.

The trailer shows some impressive attention to detail such as having the horses ears move in rhythm with its movement.

I found this detail particularly noticeable because it’s one bit of polish that the otherwise horse-feature-rich Red Dead Redemption has forgotten about.

For more equestrian pedantry about this game, I recommend this shot by shot analysis of the Farming Simulator 19 trailer that I posted on Twitter back in August.

Farming Simulator 19 will be released for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 20th 2018.

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